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here is the grading rubric out of 100 points.


1. find an article describing a use of the polymerase  chain reaction (10 points)

2. summerize the article in a 1-page (maximum) typed report, including: (40 points) 

– who did the PCR? I.e medical group, research group, etc

    describe what was the overall purpose of the PCR. for example:

     were they trying to find out if a certain DNA existed in a sample?

     were they trying to quantify the amount of DNA in one sample to another?

     were they trying to mpdify / mutate a known DNA sequence?

– Think about the application and suggest what would be some of their bigest concerns in setting up and performing the PCR. for example:

     did they know the sequence of the DNA they wanted to amplify?

     would there be a problem with competing sequences? (was the target DNA pure and isolated or in a mixture of      other DNAs?

     Would there be a large concern of contaminating one sample withe another? that is, are they trying to determine presence/absence of a sequence in multiple samples or trying to quantify the amount of DNA present in one sample vs another?

– summerize their results. what did they find out or accomplish with the PCR tha was described in the article?

3. prepare a short power point presentation of the above (3-5 minutes) (40 points)

4. provide the link of the article you used (10 points)


time needed is at 05:00 PM PST (17:00). previous person failed to hold up their end of the hand shake. please commit before agreeing unlike the person before you.  graduates or anyone in the field of biochem or biotechnology is preferred

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