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1. After reading Google’s privacy notification, I wouldn’t want to use Google at all. I like to be a private person if possible but if you are using tech of any kind it is impossible. From a business point of view it is great. It enables Google to identify users with the type of advertisements that would be suited for them. Being a normal user, this type of information acquired by Google could be a frightening thing. If I were going to continue to use Google’s different programs I would just turn certain aspects of it off. Some would say just browse privately but that doesn’t get rid of your tracks or anything really. It just shows that you are trying to hide.

As an organization, I would consider this a security issue and limit what employees were allowed to use from the Google product line. It would definitely not be my enterprise level of communication. I would not allow any social media, email, or mapping with Google products that involve work details of any kind. Some things can be articulated into the knowledge that it is when put together. And this could be bad news for a company trying to make an acquisition on land for commercial uses. It could change investor thoughts and several other things.

As far as security risks I see that there is no way to encrypt messages or emails for clients. This becomes extremely important in the medical and financial realms of dealing with customer information. A vote was made in congress to allow ISPs to continue to collect information that is private for consumers and sell it to the highest bidder. I find this very unsecure and wonder how this is even possible. In the article Naylor (2017) reports, “Amid Tuesday’s House banter about, Rep. Anna Eshoo, D-Calif., said the Republican-drafted measure would blow “a vast gap in government security assurances.” She said if shoppers don’t care for Google’s protection insurances, they can change to another web search tool, such as Bing. In any case, numerous purchasers have minimal decision with regards to their Internet supplier, she stated, particularly in country ranges”.

I find the concern for the privacy issue to be offensive that the congress person thinks that this is the solution to just switch providers.

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2. Google is a company that is always looking to improve and create the next best thing. What we cannot forget is that it is also a company that aims to make money. Some decisions they make are not aimed to benefit the user always, but to ensure their company is profitable. Many of the services offered by Google are free leaving the need to make money in any way possible. Advertisements is a great way to earn money because many companies receive publicity. With the amount of users that use Google on a daily the amount of networking and advertising is countless. I think the tailoring Google does for the individual only makes the suite of services offered more enjoyable because they are personalized. However many organizations may stray away from using Google products and prohibit their employees from using Google at work for the security of their network. With the amount of information gathered their is a security risk. How is the data protected? If the data is breached a ton of personal and company information would be gathered which can be detrimental to many lives and companies. Until there can be an assurance of information, Google may lose some of its customers.

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