Compare and contrast the various arguments made against fragmentation in state government. Address the short-term and long-term consequences of fragmentation. Comment on two responses made by your classmates.


  • What is the great critical error made by those who are “fond of some subservient art”? What are some examples of this error, according to Pope?
  • Why does Addison say that “heroic poets” seldom have any “wit”?
  • What is Swift satirizing in “A Modest Proposal”?
  • What is Swift’s “modest proposal”? How does he suggest it without causing the reader to be overly shocked or disgusted?
  • According to Pope, though a poet may “break a rule,” what must a poet never “transgress”?
  • Addison discusses the “wits” of several poets and writers. Whom does he admire for their wit?
  • What does Addison add “by way of explanation” to Locke’s description of “wit”?
  • Consider the tone of “A Description of a City Shower.” In what ways does “A Modest Proposal” also reflect that same tone?
  • According to Pope, what is the problem of individual judgment? What ruins “good sense”?


What types of statistics and methodology should researchers use to determine whether or not the legalization of marijuana should be pursued? Why?



Public Speaking

The fear of speaking in public is one of the most common fears people have…maybe you have this fear, too. While you may or may not experience speaking to a large group, you very likely could be called into impromptu meetings in which you are expected to address management and co-workers. This can cause just as much anxiety if you do not feel confident enough.

  • If you have a fear of public speaking, what do you do to prepare yourself when you have to speak in front of a group? If you don’t struggle with this fear, what helps you to be successful in avoiding this common problem?

    2) Preparation is certainly a key to being more calm when presenting in any environment. What steps would you take to ensure that you would deliver an effective presentation? Why do you think these steps would be helpful?

    3) Have you experienced preparing and delivering a presentation at work? If so, how did you do? Were you nervous or did you feel comfortable? Discuss what (if anything) you learned about public speaking from that experience. If you have not experienced delivering a presentation in the workplace, tell us about your experience giving a speech in school or for any other reason such as a group function, wedding, etc., and discuss what (if anything) you learned about public speaking from that experience.


Choose the speech () – watch and listen – and then address the following in paragraph format:


Research the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and explain its major provisions and which ones are of significance to prisoners.

Assignment Guidelines:

  • Using your course materials, textbook, and Web resources, research the provisions of the First Amendment.
    • Select 3 of the major provisions, and explain why they are important to prisoners.
    • How has each provision been altered to accommodate both prisoners and prison officials?
    • Which provision do you feel is the most important?


Write 2 Pages

Watch this video and answer followings question,

video link:Linux Tutorial for Beginners 2015: Learn Red Hat Linux and CentOS Free in English HD 1080p

It is important to note that in any given enterprise the operating system available for computing environment can be different. Upon watching the video, please provide a summary of your understanding of the video. The rubric for this assignment can be viewed when clicking on the assignment itself.

The summary should highlight the following:

  1. What are the differences between a Windows operating system and a Linux operating system?
  2. What inherent security controls are included with each operating system?
  3. How are the two types of operating systems similar?
  4. Between the two types of Operating Systems, which of the two do you feel is more secure? Please provide a justification and support for your choice.


Show your work


Choose a word you use often. Make sure the word has some history (at least a few hundred years). After you have your chosen word, find the word’s root and history by going to the Oxford English Dictionary.

Summarize the word’s history and root language(s). Write an essay of 750-1,000 words describing the history and developmental changes of the word, including its beginnings in the English language and how it has changed in usage, prevalence, and context over time.

Then, answer this question: In chapter 1 of Changing English by Graddol et al. (2007), Joan Swann explains that some accounts of change in the English language differ in terms of their approach. She explains that one of her sources, Tom McArthur, emphasized “the diversity of different ‘Englishes’, in terms of their linguistic characteristics and the social political contexts in which they are used” (p. 6). By contrast, another of Swann’s sources, Randolph Quirk, approached the study of English from the assumption that the language is “relatively fixed, something unified and discrete, playing down the diversity highlighted by McArthur” (p. 6). Thus, we have two paradigms: the paradigm of diversity or the paradigm of stability. How do your representation of your chosen word’s history and the entry you find in the Oxford English Dictionary reflect one of these two paradigms? Or do your history and the Oxford English Dictionary‘s entry fall somewhere in between? Explain your reasoning.


I have attached the form you have to follow ti complete the work

Just read three attached articles and for each articles you have to chose 2 quotes you like and write responses about them then do rhetorical analysis for the article

and one inquiry about the reading everything is well explained in the attachment (Assignment


Analyze the position statement from the International Council of Nurses chosen in week 1. This position statement is the foundation for this final project.

In a 12 to 15 slide PowerPoint presentation, not including the title slide and reference slide, address the following:

  • Present the Position Statement.
  • Describe why this issue is important to professional nursing practice.
  • Analyze at least three scholarly nursing articles related to this subject, including what the articles add to the understanding of this issue.
  • Describe legal and ethical implications of the issue using the ANA Code of Ethics (2001) as framework.
  • Summarize how this position statement can be utilized to improve the health of the population.

Use bullet points on the content slides and include speaker’s notes to discuss the content. Remember to use APA 6th edition formatting for slide references and review the link on How to make an APA formatted PPT slide presentation.