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 Your draft should establish and develop a single thesis [or controlling idea], develop in parts. You may also write from the earlier handout on an author you haven’t yet written about.


  1. Gandhi’s “Economic and Moral Progress” suggests that morality and economic prosperity do not go hand in hand. In fact, he argues, oftentimes, one loses one’s morality when one becomes wealthy. Do you agree with Gandhi? Does wealth correlate with immorality? Yes or no. Explain by referring to passages from the essay.  


  1. Compare David Suzuki’s understanding of interdependence [interconnectedness] with Ricard and Thuan’s.


  1. Discuss the ways in which Gandhi supports his argument—first with historical examples, then with famous people, then by using the writing of a famous scientist. Is his essay more effective as he adds this type of support?


  1. Desmond Tutu describes South Africa’s decision to seek a middle path between two extremes. What are these extremes and what is this middle path? Is Tutu right in arguing for this road down the middle?


  1. Compare Desmond Tutu’s “middle path” with the teachings of Lao Tzu. Does Lao Tzu advocate a similar position? You might include other famous historical figures who’ve argued a similar position.


  1. David Suzuki’s “The Sacred Balance” appears to be in two parts: first, he identifies the problem in three parts, then he identifies the solution in three parts. What is the essential problem and what is Suzuki’s solution?


  1. Tom Shadyac’s film, “I Am” has a central thesis and advocates a certain solution. What is the basic thesis of the film and what is the solution or solution[s] he advocates? What’s the basic problem and what’s the answer? And how does he convince the audience of these truths?


  1. Kenzaburo Oe develops a very smart and very controversial thesis. What is his thesis and what exactly does he refer to in an attempt to develop, support that thesis.


  1. Kenzaburo Oe discusses the Great Flood [Noah] at the end of his essay and identifies something very troubling about the Western mind. What is this thing he is identifying here? How does it relate to the overall theme of the essay [man’s inhumanity to man]?


  1. Rachel Carson’s “Obligation to Endure” identifies large increases in human populations that create conditions in which insects and other forms of life must be controlled. Name a few of these patterns of behavior that cause an increase in the amount of insects among us.


  1. Identify Rachel Carson’s thesis and her solution. What’s the problem she outlines and what does she propose we do?  


  1. How do Carson’s ideas seem to influence David Suzuki? Are they on to the same problems? How are they similar or different?


  1. Plato’s Gorgias is a discussion of the problem of rhetoric and the need for conversation. What is rhetoric, according to Plato, and why is it so dangerous? Does he convince the reader that discourse [words] can be used inappropriately and in dangerous ways?


  1. Discuss any of the questions that follow the readings [Understanding the Text—Making Connections].

 It must be written in MLA format with citation and more than 3 pages essays

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