Roman, Byzantine, and Muslim Empires

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TOPIC-  This section covers three expansive and powerful empires: the Romans, the Byzantines, and the Muslims. Though all three empires eventually collapsed, one legacy they left behind is their architecture, which each culture used to encapsulate and promote their beliefs. 

PROMPT- In a standard 5-paragraph essay of 900-1200 words, use at least 2 specific examples from each of these empires to explain how their significant cultural values, ideals, and beliefs influenced the form and decoration of the architecture they left behind.  In essence, essays should seek to explain why the architecture looks the way that it does, not simply describe the architecture. PLEASE NOTE: Monuments like triumphal arches and columns are NOT classified as architecture, nor are sculptures like portrait busts.


Failure to meet the following requirements may result in the loss of points:

·         Essays must follow a 5-paragraph format and have an introduction, thesis statement that argues a point, a body of evidence, and a conclusion. All essays must use evidence taken from the text and class, citing important names and dates when necessary.


·         Failure to apply adequate or consistent MLA citation will result in point penalties.  Simple MLA style should be used for all citations.


·         Papers should be between 900-1200 words. Failure to reach the word minimum will result in point penalties.  Exceeding the word maximum by 30 words will result in point penalties.

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