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1. Fully define asymmetrical warfare and discuss the threat.


2. Discuss how concepts such as imperialism, neocolonialism, and Zionism are used by extremist to justify international political violence.


3. Describe the theory and application of economic sanctions as a counter-terrorist methodology.  How useful are economic sanctions as a counter-terrorist option?  Explain your answer.


4.In your opinion, is there a danger in governmental uses of surveillance technologies?  If not, why not?  What impact, if any, do you expect this to have on society?


5. How can the contagion effect become a legitimate concern to the global community?  What kind of scenarios would lead it to become a legitimate concern?


6. Assuming traditional criminal enterprises are willing to traffic in virtually any commodity if the price is right, what is the potential threat to the international community when they interact with revolutionaries and terrorists?


7. How efficient is it to have so many functions housed within the Department of Homeland Security?  Explain your answer.


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