english – gay adoption paper Counter Argument

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ENGL 112 Counter Argument on gay adoption


Frequently, written arguments are filled with generalizations. These generalizations need to be tested with one or more counter-arguments. Claims suggest truths the writer believes. The proposed truths begin with a thesis, offer some reasoning, and suggest why the thesis is true. A counter-argument considers possible arguments against your thesis or your reasoning.


Writing a counter-argument for your issue forces you to understand the other positions on the issue and test your ideas.  Writing a counter-argument will help you anticipate doubts and cut off objections readers might have for your position.  Arguing against your position will help your audience see how you weigh alternatives as a writer willing to discover truth.


In the final Position paper you will need to include counter arguments to help strengthen your claim. The counter-argument project is an excellent place to show your understanding of the counter arguments for your claim. Developing the counter arguments will help keep you from making weak or illegitimate arguments for the purpose of discrediting them.


Topic: Using the issue argued in the Argument Proposal, construct a counter argument for your position.  Develop a clear claim for the counter argument—show the opposing view. Make sure the counter argument is derived from sources you have been studying on the issue. Avoid “strawman” arguments (see page 221) as they are easy to defeat.


Objectives: Demonstrate an understanding of what constitutes a valid argument and show understanding of the opposition to your position.


Purpose: Counter arguments will allow you to fully understand if your generalizations are valid. Effective argument shows you understand all positions.  One way to understand the opposition is argue the validity of the opposition. Your purpose is to present a clear counter argument to your position. Your reader should see clearly that you are fully aware of the counter arguments for your original position. Writing a counter argument will show places where your original position may not be valid. Weak counter arguments for an issue may be an indication of a weak position.  


Length and Format:  Prepare your counter argument using 1-2 sources that will show the opposing view your Position will focus.  Use MLA or APA style of documentation and formatting per your instructor’s requirements. You may present your counter argument in essay format (minimum of 250-500 words, plus Works Cited/Reference page) or Power Point with Speaker Notes. If you use Power Point please view the attached YouTube video for guidelines and standards.


Audience: The audience is appropriately identified stakeholders interested in and affected by the issue.


Focus:  For this essay you will not show your position, but use inductive reasoning to provide conclusions that go beyond your claim. The focus will help you anticipate counterarguments in later essays.


Organization:  Begin with the annotated bibliography for the issue, but recognize that additional research may be needed to help you develop and argue the opposing viewpoint. Make sure your final presentation (essay or Power Point) includes the following concepts:


  • Introduce the issue and present a clear claim for the counter argument.
  • Identify the argument.
  • Show reader you are knowledgeable about the issue.
  • Support the counter claim with facts, statistics, examples, and expert opinion.
  • Show clear use of sources that support the counter argument.  


Development:  Your counter argument will be useful for future papers when showing your understanding of opposing views. Your counter argument will help support your claim and refute opposing positions in the Position paper. Use the chart on pages 458-463 to help you review types of proofs and how to test the validity of those proofs.


Coherence is the chain of ideas presented in your paper.  If a paper has coherence and unity, the ideas in the paper “stick together” and create a clear focus and development. Use transitions to help achieve coherence.


Due Dates: See the calendar for due dates. 


Grading: See the grade rubric to determine how I will grade your project.



 **this is an ongoing assignment — attached is the grading rubric for this assignment as well as other assignments ive turned in fort this topic (gay adoption) so you can get a feel for my views on the issue -also im gay and adopted so my views are rather strong on this topic – please contact me w/ any questions or problems ASAP as they develop — do not wait to the last minute to ask for help! thanks 🙂



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