Public health

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 Assigned Community River Ward District, 19137, 19134 Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Your paper will assume you work for a public health organization that operates a mobile health intervention unit. Develop a complete intervention program.

Include the following in your intervention program:

Community is identified with a brief description.1 paragraph

Determinants of Health for the community are overviewed and explained (1-2 pages)

Epidemiological factors, including the impact of the issue on the community, are

provided and supported with evidence to justify the need for an intervention. (2- 4 pages) The Goals of the intervention are clearly stated and well developed. (Bullet


•The two objectives of the intervention program are clearly stated and described

(1 paragraph each)

•The strategies that will be used to accomplish each objective are clearly stated

and thoroughly described including: actions, resources, timeframe and evaluation

method. (2 page min. for each objective)

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