is about the story LOTTERY BY JACKSON SHILEY

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Topic:  When you are working on a critical analysis essay, and you have created your thesis statement, your next step is to find sources that support your thesis statement.  Your sources must support what ever you argued in your thesis statement.  So, if you decided to go with Shirley Jackson created “The Lottery” to reveal the conflict of man versus man between Mr. Summers and Tessie, you must now find sources that support that particular conflict was being shown in the short story.  Now, please be mindful, you will never find full sources that will solely talk about whatever you placed in your thesis, but if a source has at least one paragraph or one sentence in it that YOU BELIEVE connects to your thesis statement, then that’s one of the sources you should use.  Let’s go to the directions.


Directions:  You will need to find five sources that support your favorite thesis statement.  Out of two thesis statements that you completed, you must now select one.  After you select one of your thesis statements, you must stick with that thesis statement throughout the remainder of the assignments.  Once you have selected your favorite thesis statement will have to find five sources that support your thesis.  Your five sources must come from a database and I will show you the steps now:

1.  Click on Library (the tab that is on the upper right hand corner of your screen)

2.  Once you click on Library, scroll down until you see databases.

3.  Once you see databases, click on the database  titled – Literature Resource Center (this database is really resourceful when writing critical analysis essays).

4.  Once you click on that database, type in the title – the lottery, or type the phrase – the lottery by shirley jackson.

5.  At least ten sources will be pop up, and remember, you only need five sources.  Skim through the sources to see which sources will connect to your favorite thesis statement.  Remember, if there is one paragraph in a source, or at least one sentence in that source then you can use that as one of your three sources.

6.  Once you select a source, click the title of the source.  

7.  Once you click the title of the source, the source should open.  Once it is open, scroll all the way down, until you cannot scroll anymore.  You will see the words “Source Citation” .  Highlight everything under the phrase Source Citation and stop where it says Document URL.

8.  Copy what you have highlighted and then paste it to your Microsoft word assignment.  

9.  Do this for all three of your sources.  Of course I will be attaching a sample for you to review.  

10.  Make sure that all of your sources are in alphabetical order by the authors’ last names.  

11. Make sure that all of your sources are double-spaced, Arial or Times New Roman, 11 or 12 point font size.  

12.  If your sources go to the next line, you must do a hanging indentation.  Please look at sample  attached.

13.  Remember anything that is in italics must stay in italics, anything that is in quotation marks must stay in quotation marks.  

This assignment can be difficult, but if you follow the steps, you will be totally fine.  Points will be deducted for errors, therefore, you should take your time and read the directions carefully.  

Again, here is a sample attached to help you:

SAMPLE WORKS CITED-1.docxPreview the documentView in a new window

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