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  1. Use your cloud9 account previously submitted to create a webpage for yourself named hw4.html.  So you will need to create a new file hw4.html in your workspace. 

    Your webpage should have the following:

    • Define a valid html structure (doctype, html, head, title, and body)
    • A form whos method is “POST” and action is “http://imagine-it.org/processform.php”
    • Input box of type “text” named “customer”
    • Select named “size” containing options for “small”, “medium”, “large”
    • A fieldset that contains radio elements named “pizzaType” for values “round” and “square”
    • Another fieldset that contains checkbox elements named “pepperoni” and “greenPeppers”
    • A textarea named “note” 
    • Labels as appropriate to reproduce the image below.

    Check to make sure your webpage has the above!

    Once your finished your webpage will look like this:


    Which yours looks like will depend on whether you put in breaks <br>.  Either is ok.

    You will know that it works correctly if you fill out the form like this:


    Please check to make sure that you get this result.  In order to submit the form you need to open the webpage in it’s own tab.


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