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Under the Community Resources Competency, the Learning Outcome is “Develop a resource file of community agencies and support groups for students with physical disabilities and health disorders; intellectual exceptionalities; and social emotional disorders.”


In order to demonstrate your mastery of this Outcome, you will develop a resource file of both national and local resources for each of the areas you have studied this semester:

Intellectual and Cognitive Disabilities

Learning Disabilities

Emotional Behavior Disorders

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Communication Disorders

Deafness and Hard of Hearing

Visual Impairments

Physical, Motor, and Health Impairments

Multiple Disabilities

Gifted and Talented

For each area listed you will identify at least two resources appropriate for parents, teachers, and other professionals. One resource should be a national organization related to the area. The other should be a local agency that supports parents and/or educators. For each one of your resources, give the name and link to the resource, and write a brief paragraph describing the resource and the information you learned from it. This file should be submitted in the appropriate drop box in ANGEL.

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