Ethics and Emerging Technologies

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Assignment 2: Ethics and Emerging Technologies


Read the following paper from the online library:

Neelakantan, M., & Armstrong, A. (2006). Source code, object code, and The Da Vinci code: The debate on intellectual property protection for software programs. Computer & Internet Lawyer, 23 (10), 1 – 5


Read the paper to identify the reasons for which Intellectual Property Right (IPR) laws in software are not always effective.


Conduct online research on the Internet to identify at least two examples of international regulatory protocols to prevent IPR infringement in software programs.


Create a three-page double-spaced business research article on the legal and ethical implications of IPR violation in software programming. Use the following format:


Page 1: Reasons for IPR violations in software development
Page 2: Ethical implications of IPR violations in software development
Page 3: International regulations for IPR violations in software development


All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.  Must be original work as it will be submitted to TURNITIN


Due By Thursday, April 11, 2013, by 5 PM PST.

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